Shopping meets Metaverse


Shopping meets Metaverse

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Step into the future of e-commerce, where virtual reality and shopping online combine to redefine the shopping experience. By launching your store with us, you’re not just selling products; you’re offering an immersive and interactive journey for your customers. Our platform brings your products to life with VR, engaging shoppers in a unique way, while our secure blockchain framework ensures transactional trust and integrity.

Discover the advantages of being part of Metaverse International, where digital retail meets innovation, and connect with a global audience ready for a revolutionary shopping experience

Potential Market

The rapidly growing number of consumers who are comfortable with digital technologies and online shopping are our primary target. These individuals seek innovative and convenient ways to shop and are early adopters of new technologies such as VR and AR. They appreciate the immersive shopping experience that Metaverse International provides, blending the physical and digital worlds seamlessly.

Virtual reality enthusiasts and gamers are another crucial segment. This group is already familiar with 3D environments and values engaging, interactive experiences. Metaverse International offers them a new dimension of online shopping where they can explore, interact, and socialize within a fully immersive virtual mall.

With billions of active social media users worldwide, Metaverse International presents an opportunity to integrate social networking with e-commerce. Our platform allows users to connect, interact, and shop together, providing a social shopping experience that is both unique and compelling.

The rise of remote work and digital nomadism has created a demand for virtual office spaces and collaborative environments. Metaverse International caters to this market by offering virtual office spaces and meeting rooms, allowing professionals to work, meet, and network in an innovative and flexible setting.

Event organizers seeking novel ways to host conferences, keynotes, and classes can leverage Metaverse International's platform to reach a global audience. Attendees can enjoy the convenience of participating in events from anywhere, making it an attractive option for both organizers and participants.

Educational institutions and training providers looking for innovative ways to deliver content can utilize our virtual classrooms and training spaces. The interactive and immersive nature of our platform enhances learning experiences, making it ideal for a wide range of educational applications.

Brands and retailers looking to expand their online presence and engage customers in new ways can benefit from Metaverse International. Our 3D mall provides an innovative platform for showcasing products, offering virtual try-ons, and creating memorable shopping experiences that drive customer engagement and loyalty. By addressing the needs and preferences of these diverse market segments, Metaverse International is well-positioned to become a leading player in the emerging metaverse economy, redefining the future of online shopping and virtual interactions.

Metaverse International

This new online shopping platform willcompletely change the way we shop.

About us

We are undertaking a project goal of creating a virtual shopping mall, that merges the last VR technologies with the huge audience of e-commerce
Introducing a novel concept in the realm of shopping malls.

Metaverse International the best of two worlds: the thrill of Virtual Reality and the ease of online shopping, all in one destination.

Who Says You Can’t Enjoy The Best Of Both Worlds?

Our mission is to create a unique and cutting-edge community

Our Mission is to create a unique and cutting-edge community, where users can connect through an virtual reality space-themed shopping mall, backed by blockchain technology.

We are committed to offering an unparalleled experience, where users can create their personalized avatars, acquire special edition accessories and visit businesses in two exciting ways:
Through a quick purchase option or through a game mode purchase option, where users can participate in different dynamics to earn points and discounts.

Additionally, we will encourage interaction with other users through each other’s friends network, which will create a vibrant and dynamic community of businesses and technology. Together, we are taking the shopping experience to a new level in the digital space.

Our Vision is to be leaders in the creation and development of unique and innovative augmented reality experiences

At Metaverse International, we envision a revolutionary future where shopping transcends the traditional boundaries of e-commerce. Our mission is to create a dynamic 3D mall that transforms the way people shop, connect, and interact online.

Imagine a virtual world where you can explore a vast array of products just like in a physical mall, but with the added convenience and innovation of a 3D environment. Whether you’re browsing from your personal computer, mobile phone, or immersing yourself through a VR experience, Metaverse International is designed to offer a seamless and engaging shopping adventure.

Our 3D mall is not just about shopping; it’s a vibrant social hub where you can meet and connect with new people from around the globe. Participate in exciting activities and games, attend classes and keynotes, utilize office spaces, and be a part of dynamic events – all within our immersive virtual space.

Metaverse International aims to redefine the digital shopping experience by merging the best of e-commerce with the endless possibilities of the metaverse. Join us in building a future where the world is at your fingertips, and the only limit is your imagination.

The MVI Community Expansion Team With 25 Years of Experience


CEO of Metaverse International

Juan Giner

Juan Giner is a distinguished professional with over 30 years of experience in marketing and direct sales. His expertise and commitment have led him to manage and guide teams in more than 140 countries, showcasing his global leadership capabilities. As a seasoned educator and mentor, Juan has created a comprehensive training system designed to uplift and support individuals at various stages of their career in direct sales. His profound knowledge and skills position him as a sought-after mentor and consultant, benefiting both newcomers and experienced practitioners in the field. 

Brian Mc Ginty

International Business Consultant, Sales Trainer, Author, and Coach. Over almost three decades Brian has excelled in multiple industries across many countries and brings a wealth of international experience. He has built several multi-million-dollar sales organisations, has travelled to over fifty countries and has spoken at training events in Germany, Dubai, South Africa, Las Vegas and The Caribbean.

Jan Rozendom

Jan Rozendom is a seasoned professional with a track record of cultivating thriving international communities. Having honed his skills over years of fostering exceptional teams in various ventures, Jan now channels his expertise solely into The MetaVerse International with a focus on northern European countries. His commitment is unwavering and his mission is clear: to forge a robust and trustworthy community for a company poised to lead the way in the future of online shopping.


Software and Hardware
related to the project

Work on software and hardware elements to improve and optimize the TSM system.


Establishment of a dedicated and passionate group to lead the project.

Creation and launch of an official website to establish an online presence and share key information about the project.

Utilization of various marketing techniques to raise awareness about the project to a wider audience.

Development of a 3D online platform to showcase Metaverse International project.

Inclusion of companies and products on the platform to expand the mall’s offerings.

Implementation of an innovative payment system.

Expansion of the team with programming and design experts to further develop the project.

Development of a 3D Metaverse International platform to provide a more immersive user experience, including the different working-related areas and Gaming platform.